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So I have talked about balancing your own energy and dealing with negative energy and thoughts.  However, it isn’t enough just to pay attention to yourself.  Our energy is also affected by how we interact with other people. There is always an energy exchange between people and it does not always have a positive effect on our health. Today I am going to talk about energy holes in the auric field.  What is the auric field you ask?… Aura is a traditional term for the protective psychic and spiritual energy fields that surround and penetrate the physical body. Historically, artists depict halos around the heads of individuals to denote their spirituality. Biblically, writers refer to the raiment or countenance of light in an attempt to describe the field of spiritual energy around angels, men, and women. It is from this invisible atmosphere that we receive our first impression of people. We use common-sense terms such as blue mood , red with anger, green with envy, full of energy, or radiant beauty. Such terms are similar to how individuals with spiritual sight describe the aura. From this intuitive nature, we form impressions and experience emotions and feelings regarding them and ourselves. Quantum physics describes the universe as energy. Psychology, Eastern therapy, and complementary medicine have terms for life as energy. Yoga psychology views the aura as an energy field surrounding the body, interacting through spiritual and psychological levels via structures called chakras. So we may conclude that the aura is an energy field that surrounds the physical body. It encircles each of us as the sun’s rays encircle the sun or the halo that surrounds the moon. The appearance of the aura, whether attractive or repulsive, depends on one’s physical health, mental attitudes, and spiritual development. The human aura is a dynamic matrix that includes the physical, emotional, and mental-spiritual aspects of self. The aura is the self as energy. All the contributing factors in our daily life register in our aura as colors, lines, dots, emanations, and vibrations. Every one is different, and our hidden selves are expressed through the aura. Those individuals who live on a strictly physical, mental, and material level have an entirely different emanation than those individuals who are intellectual and spiritual.

Just as physical material can be torn or split, energy layers can be perforated also.  The aura is highly vulnerable to any kind of negative exchange between yourself and other people.  One way this happens is when another person directs a string of negative emotional energy at you – for example, during an argument. This can significantly damage the way your energy interacts with the outside environment.  If you are a victim of this kind of exchange, your energy field will develop holes through which your vital energy can leak out.

How does this happen?  When someone is being verbally aggressive (such, again, as an argument), their energy field expands and beings to vibrate at a very; fast frequency.  It’s as if he/she were producing energy thorns or spikes.  A person who is at the other end of the argument can be badly punctured by these invasive fast frequencies.  Unfortunately, it’s not only verbally expressed negative energy that can cause damage.  Passive energies, those that are not necessarily expressed, can be just as bad.  In those cases, people are sending out negatively charge emotional thought such as envy, hatred, jealousy, etc.

People can strike your aura both consciously and unconsciously. Many people do not have the remotest idea of how powerful the energy of their negative emotions can be.  For example, you can become very run-down by working or living with someone who is constantly depressed or over-possessive or angry.  If you spend time with somebody who has a very strong energy presence around them, but does not resonate on the same frequency as you, you can end up with your aura dented in quite a few places.

We all have our own frequency and that frequency can change throughout our lives.  Depending on what you learn in your life – the free-will decisions that you make – your frequency can become a higher vibaration or a lower or denser vibration. 

We are naturally drawn to people whose frequencies are harmonious with our own.  You are probably familiar with the idea of there being “chemistry” between people.. this is the reason.  It also explains why you can be best friends with someone during one part of your life, meet again but then find out later that you no longer really “gel”. For first thoughts will probably be, “What did I do wrong?”  “Why don’t they like me anymore?” What is happening is that your frequencies are no longer resonating.  In fact, they might even be repelling you.  I think this is very useful knowledge because so many people feel that they should keep friend for life or feel guilty that they no longer seem to have anything in common with their oldest, dearest friends.  You are very lucky if all your friends evolve at the same pace as you do, so you can maintain the same level of chemistry.  You don’t need to cut people brutally out of your life, but maybe think about gently distancing yourself from those friends with whom you no longer have much in common.

How to tell if the astral layer of your aura is damaged:  These energy holes can occur in all of your chakras (def:  any of the body centers, usually seven, that are considered sources of energy for psychic or spiritual power.  “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheels of light”. This is descriptive of the appearance of the chakras which are like vortexes of energy which spin. Each chakra is structured uniquely to receive and transmit the particular qualities of energy which are necessary for the area of functioning governed by the chakra) and, depending on your symptoms, you can establish where you are most likely to have these imbalances.  If you have an energy imbalance, you will notice almost immediately – a subtle change in your emotional spectrum: a severe lack of energy, irritability, impatience, etc.  Tomorrow I will talk about the emotional changes connected to damage in each chakra.

What to do about Energy Holes…. Do the Gold Light or some type of protection… it is that easy.  Now I will take my aura and “feed” it some coffee…..  Tune in tomorrow….

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  • I have been looking around http://www.drsmick.com and really am impressed by the amazing content material here. I work the nightshift at my job and it is boring. I’ve been coming right here for the past couple nights and reading. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been enjoying what I have seen and I look forward to reading more.

  • JoelS says:

    Great article. Gold Light exercise helps. It is important to do it frequently throughout the day. I have found that in the middle of an “energy attack” it is often hard to get my wits around me enough to ground and do the Gold Light.
    But if I am grounded in the first place I can often work with the situation easier.

  • maggieadventurer says:

    Great share Diane. It brought back memories of after Tom died and his children where throwing lots of energetic barbs at me. Protection was so important and the golden light. I also spent the day with my siblings and went to a funeral. I can feel the unsaid words, the judgments, etc. and had to keep breathing and doing my thing. I try not to hang out with people who would think negatively about me but there are times it is unavoidable. Your down to earth and clear explanations of what goes on and the simple things to do to stay well are very helpful and great reminders. Again, I thank you for what you provide to me and your presence as a pioneer.

  • phoenix1 says:

    This is such great info, Diane! I can’t think of any place else where I could get such a thorough explanation! It’s info you & Loren have shared with us over the years, but never so well-organized & where I can refer back to it again & again. And so much more accessible & actionable than a book would be, because it’s delivered in these daily ‘chunks.’ THANK YOU for all that you do & share!! I’ll definitely be back tomorrow! I LOVE it!

    Many Blessings!

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